Street Art In Lisbon: A few pieces from Downtown

A few pieces of public art from Lisbon.


Tile Art in Lisbon’s Metro: The Great Portuguese

If you arrive at Portela airport in Lisbon,Portugal , its possible to travel to downtown by metro. At the Aeroporto metro station,the visitor is greeted by a modern homage to all the remarkable Portuguese individuals through history. Actors, painters, architects and doctors all say “Bem vindo a Portugal!”.

Sticker Art in Warsaw: A bit everwhere…

A bit of point and shoot around Warsaw.

All walls are borders that can be made invisible with some murals. Puławska Avenue is a long and colorful example.

Mural Art Gallery in Warsaw : Prymasa Tysiąclecia Viaduct

Cosmopolitan life changes people as much as it changes the city.

Inspiratornia Foundation  has stenciled under the Prymasa Tysiąclecia viaduct (over Obozowa),  has a couple of warnings, reminiscent of cigarette packs, about behavioral addictions such as work and shopping. The designer is Robert Poryzała.

A few paintings that embellish the barricaded windows of a  building some people call home in the city center of Warsaw. A well know squat called Przychodnia Skłot.


“Bugs were at my zine Corpoentomology where they presented a career ladder from, and as they were higher they become bigger and more hostile. On sticker I often gave them faces of politics as they are somewhere close to top of this ladder, and now I’m just playing with them try to make them look wired.” by the author Ktrzeszczkowski.

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The Skulptor sounds O.K. recorded with a phone?

In our modern world here is evidence that size is not everything. A small blues demo with a concentrated tube amp recorded with a low quality phone camera (and microphone) through a 1×12 open back speaker cabinet, still I think it sounds great ! Thanks to Machinarium pub in Warsaw for providing the space for the No To Gitara meetings.

Everything looks younger and free with sticker cooperation, even Warsaw’s almost ignored gas yellow meter boxes. A few examples…

In Poland vodka creates passions, great stories and many hangovers, maybe even with pandas.