Poster Art in Lisbon : Diogo Barros Pires



GREAT and FREE online applications for BLOGGERS!

Summer is coming and with it some TRAVELING . For most bloggers taking a laptop, smartphone or pad, is essential to keeps those posts reaching the followers. But perhaps this year an application will get corrupted or your tool cant be taken or you are borrowing from a friend.


Here is a list of a few FREE web based application to assist with your content and blogging:


Photo and image editors:







Port Czerniakowski : Lost camp!

Port Czerniakowski  in Vistula, is quick walk from the city center, and has a semi abandoned camping park.

Budapest for a day : Historic, Detailed and Stickers

A beautiful historic city in the heart of Europe. 24 hours walking around.

Royal Wilanow

Exploring the Royal Wilanow Palace  in Warsaw, Poland.

Lost Pool Warsaw

Short urban exploration video in the abandoned SKRA swimming pools in the center of Warsaw.

All walls are borders that can be made invisible with some murals. Puławska Avenue is a long and colorful example.

SnowAilaNce , because the world became logged in bytes.

My first short conceptual video about closing down of the online-offline privacy border in an urban park, from the point of view that we are the ones recording each other. Filmed in Pole Mokotowskie park, Warsaw, Poland.


Mural Art Gallery in Warsaw : Prymasa Tysiąclecia Viaduct

Cosmopolitan life changes people as much as it changes the city.

Inspiratornia Foundation  has stenciled under the Prymasa Tysiąclecia viaduct (over Obozowa),  has a couple of warnings, reminiscent of cigarette packs, about behavioral addictions such as work and shopping. The designer is Robert Poryzała.