#Happy !


 by MJ


The bits and bytes,

And the new expectations,

Filled with free speech,

Under ad lib virtualizations,

On a million sites,

Without dissertations,

Between a short screechs,

And any conditions.




Royal Wilanow

Exploring the Royal Wilanow Palace  in Warsaw, Poland.

How to build a valve guitar amplifier?

Fast track video showing the build of an MJ style guitar tube amplifier. I had some NOS tubes laying around, the 6N2P-EB ( datasheet) and 6N6P (datasheet), made in the CCCP in the 70’s.

The 6N2P-EB is direct replacement of the 6AX7 (datasheet) , or with the 12AX7 (datasheet)/ECC83 (datasheet)  if we change the filament heaters ( like this). The 6N6P is equivalent to the 12BH7 (datasheet)/ECC99 (datasheet) if we make the same filament heater mod, mentioned before.

The amplifier is inspired in the Tiny Terror, but with a few changes to accommodate different tubes.

Sticker Art in Warsaw: A bit everwhere…

A bit of point and shoot around Warsaw.

Street Art Gallery in Warsaw : From Military to Art canvas at Fort Bema

An abandoned XIX century military fort became an canvas for the creativity of several street artists. Here are some pictures of Fort Bema in the north of Warsaw, Poland.

Freedom vs Freedom

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. “, George Washington Carver


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”, George Orwell


These 2 quotes are the complete opposite yet they represent opinions about our idea of freedom.  In one corner we have an idea of gathering knowledge to unlock the borders on the other the idea that not knowing perhaps makes us happier and more willing to risk.



Lost Pool Warsaw

Short urban exploration video in the abandoned SKRA swimming pools in the center of Warsaw.

A bit more reach… with a Koy Boost!

A clean boost is a very useful guitar pedal since it can raise the output of quiet guitar pickups to deafening levels rock levels.  For this essential pedal project and often made in a basic way, I decided to embellish it with koy fishes  using an acid etching technique.


All walls are borders that can be made invisible with some murals. Puławska Avenue is a long and colorful example.

God has complicated almost everything!

God has complicated
Almost everything! by MJ

God has complicated
Almost everything!
The price of happiness
Was an honest smile.
The cure for falling tears
Was to conquer fears.

Can Love march with
A gun in its hands?
Wander thought life
Not feeling,not dreaming?
Pain is all we should be
Fighting and not regretting.

If we cant repeat
That old dark story
Maybe we can skip
That sad marching beat
Memorize smiling faces.
Wouldn’t that be sweet?