Poster Art in Lisbon : Diogo Barros Pires



Street Art In Lisbon: A few pieces from Downtown

A few pieces of public art from Lisbon.

Budapest for a day : Historic, Detailed and Stickers

A beautiful historic city in the heart of Europe. 24 hours walking around.

Royal Wilanow

Exploring the Royal Wilanow Palace  in Warsaw, Poland.

Wicker Statues in the South of Poland : Rudnik Nad Sanem

Rudnik nad Sanen is a charming little city in the south of Poland, in the shore of the San River, well know for its quality wicker industry. A few artist made a few statues with eco-friendly and good quality material.

Wilcza Wola dam exists because man needs nature as much as nature needs man. The artificial dam helps many to cool down and enjoy the sunny days in Podkarpackie region in the south of Poland, but as well helps fireman to fight fires and give water to animals. Sunbathing, fishing, swimming and boating are popular ways of spending time…


Warm Nin, Croatia : Roman Ruins, Great Views

Nin is a small but beautiful store surrounded town in the Dalmatia region of Croatia. From roman culture, to beautiful beaches  and museums , it is definitely worth a stop as many people found out in its 3000 year history.

Crouds and Rocks in Zadar, Croatia: Arquitecture, Stickers and Sunsets

Situated in the heart of the Adriatic sea, Zadar is a 3000 years old city full of historical and cultural monuments. Currently the city is a vibrant and well kept touristic destination for most of Europe to enjoy sunny beaches , historical architecture and relaxed evenings.

But Zadar and it’s surroundings were attacked by Serbian rebels, with a destructive force that had never been seen in its tumultuous history , in October 1991, after the fall of Yugoslavia.

The rocky massaging beaches, the smell of fresh tasty Croatian bread, the hot summer days, the beautiful city streets at night and the colorful sunsets are the everlasting memories of Zadar.



A small rest at Smiljan, Croatia : Birth Place of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla  was born in 10 July 1856 at Smiljan, current day Croatia. A man of many talents and achievements , he was mainly celebrated for winning the “War of the Currents”, against Thomas Edison. He won because  of   developing the Alternating Current electrical supply system, which is used everywhere in the world today. Here are a few pictures of the reconstructed house and chapel where he was born and started his life.

One Hour in Zagreb,Croatia : Murals, Stickers and Arquitecture

One Hour in Zagreb,Croatia, a quick but rewarding stop in the capital of Croatia. Its worth a longer visit one day…

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