Dynamic Prototyping Pedal – Sound UNIQUE not CORPORATE nor BOUTIQUE!


This quote was the inspiration behind this build, because guitar amplifiers, effects, and music gear in general, in recent years has forked into 3 lanes ( from the same road ) :

  • The mass corporate production, which has millions of dollars for marketing, R&D, production and distribution. The benefits are consistency, warranty  and availability ( often they are not cheaper so I’m not going to add it as benefit). The downside is that they might not have high end quality parts, the musician gets a generic sound, low resale value, and some might be just copies of other well know products.
  • The boutique industry is smaller because it has small production runs, has little money for marketing and usually relies  on word of mouth and social media for promotion. The positive  things are non generic sounding ( usually), small production runs which means that less people have it, passionate people with specialized expert skills run the company, possible higher re-sale value if the brand gets more famous, and often durability and features are better. The negative side are high prices, limited availability and limited warranty.
  • DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) and craft industry, well, there are huge communities about it, these are people who build their own gear, from kits or  they find all information online and use the standard methods for electronic prototyping. On the upside there is the satisfaction and pride of making things, people learn new  facts and skills, yetrhave no limit of customization. The dark side is lack of consistency, the kits are usually copies of corporate and boutique gear, quality control is low, and they might be built just by someone who can pick up a soldering iron and not very unique because of that.

I personally wish to have unique tone, and created that opportunity by developing a portable Dynamic Prototyping Pedal. The original idea was:


Then I built it and looked like this. I realized that with it I can change the parts and play the result immediately in a true bypass fashion.


After using it for a while I realized it needed something more and I decided to add a second proto board.


Camera: Nokia Lumia
Year : 2016

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