BOSS RC-3 Loop Station – How to build a dual footswitch!

The BOSS RC-3 is a compact loop station in a stomp box format that allows up to 3 hours of recording in stereo, and is compatible with a multitude of instruments and devices. Overall I think its a great jamming tool, either alone at home or with a band.  It can be operated with the in-built footswitch, or, with an additional external footswitch that makes it even easier to use in a live scenario because it opens up the possibility to scroll around the memory banks and set the rhythm with a foot. This video is a great tutorial.


The BOSS external foot switching in this pedal works in continuity mode, and the changes happen when the circuit continuity is broken. In other words the circuit is operated with a N.C. switch ( Normally Closed Switch ) which opens when the button is pressed.


Picture of required materials.
Picture of required materials.

List of materials:

  • Enclosure ( Plastic or metal,according to your budget )
  • 2 x Heavy duty SPST momentary footswitch
  • 2 x SPST latching toggle switch
  • Stereo 6.3mm jack
  • 22AWG cable
  • Soldering iron and solder.

To wire it up you can use this schematic.



Finished box.
Finished box.


After drilling and soldering it all together grab a stereo jack cable plug them together, and the result will be a switch that will help your methodical inspiration to come out and stay for eternity, somehow.


Switch and pedal together
Switch and pedal together




7 thoughts on “BOSS RC-3 Loop Station – How to build a dual footswitch!

  1. hello,
    does this pedal work with both switches?
    i made a similar one, the tap tempo works very well, but the bank up/down doesn’t work… do you know what could be the problem?



  2. Lol! I get this. My BBF is a musician & has a slew of gadgets like this. He even collects vintage hardware. He has an analog Neves board and Pultec mixers. Well, I need to see more of your blog! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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