Web Assisted Love : “Love at first right!”

Amusing and yet not so surprising to see the latest chapter of the expression “Love at first sight!”, which somehow became a meta-physic paraphrase  “Love at first right!”, as the digital love arrows are flying in electronic waves and hitting all analog hearts.

If you have a working network connection, then connect to a third party administrated server, use a profile to access, query and read the a database of voluntarily submitted personal information about love, and use a pair of working eyes to see the result for that query ( Im wondering how blind people can use it?), and you might find Love, or it may strike you. Who could imagine that we would program Cupid? But that’s all useless dialectic based in archaic rhetoric of the days preceding the gigabyte port. Digital vs. analog battles reach an new height. And the dating industry has gotten a bit more interesting and traceable, I’m sure marketers will use some of that data to create better campaigns,because after all we all know that sex sells .

Algorithms, binary systems, electrical devices, emotionless machines are  pointing at who can meet who, and make the sparks fly “once” (these days “often”) with that special someone,( sometimes only for that special occasion). Technology is the new matchmaker, and the gap between online and offline is thinner and thinner.

In the beginning  it could be achieved in non specialized services by  random actions, such as calling random numbers, randomly comment in social media or even in forums, and then developers decided that it should be programmed in to mass Love distribution platform based on a first impression.  It became the semi passive format, a healthy ecosystem of specialized web services, platforms and  Apps that ensure fast, stable and abundant delivery of  Love to your phone and computer screen. I’m wondering if in a few years sexual education at school will have something about it? As we all know schools dont really explain how to start the relationship.

As a passive observer of this phenomenon, I was surprised when I suddenly realized how  many people around were part of it. If I had to explain the idea to my self as child this would be how I would do it. But  I am happy for the ones that found that special someone, and emphatic to the ones that had their expectations destroyed, because as we all know, the web is the place where we can discover how people truly are in all parts of the personality spectrum,and recurrently its the place where the person  shares who they are or  who they need and want to show.

As old fashioned as it can be, its positive to believe that phones can help, if two strangers are walking down the street reading an email and bump into each other, look up at that stranger, with the eyes that start sparkling  and be brave to smile and say “hi”.


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