A little mono tube amplifier called Stylamp!

While walking around the Wolumen electronic street market in Warsaw, during a warm Sunday  spring morning , I stumbled upon the  improvised bench of an old gentleman  who had several vacuum tube  amplifier parts, all taken from old tube radios, televisions and laboratory equipment. Used tubes, transformers, chokes, chassis, switches… well a bit of everything in a way. After browsing a little over his table of recycled, soon to be reused items, I found many interesting things, but, what caught my eye were the output and power transformers, because these often will be represent at least 60% of the cost of building any vacuum tube amplifier.

I was in luck because some items were very cheap( from 5zl to 20zl), clearly tested and well labeled, among these, I found an output transformer that could work easily with a dual triode tube such as a 12AU7 or a 12AT7. And the idea to create a micro amplifier with a SMPS power supply and the TG2-20-666 output transformer for my kitchen came to head.The rest is just the work to make it happen.

2015.xx.xx.Nokia (321)

Power: 1 Watt

Technology: Tubes

Type: Class A ( Single Ended)

Controls: No controls

Input: 1 stereo

Output: 1 to 8 ohm speaker

Pre-amp Tubes: 1/2 a 12AT7 tube

Power tube: 1/2 a 12AT7 tube

Special Features: Joint stereo mix in the input

Power supply: 12V DC with 1 Amperes (minimum)

Size (Height x Width x Depth ): 9cm x 10cm x 12cm

Weight:0.8 Kg

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