The Chime in a box, call it TAVTIB!


The Tweed American Vintage Tone in Box, I call it TAVTIB! The carry around brush to color your tone and sound like your self without breaking your back carrying a huge and heavy amplifier around.

The idea came to existence after finding a few articles about how some FET transistors have a tube-like transfer characteristic and produce harmonic distortion similar to tube triode, this meaning that they can sound a bit like a tube amplifier at low voltage.


After looking around the web for a while I found RunOffGroove and a project called the Fetzer Valve. This project was the first of many projects concerning adaptation of tube amps in to preamp/distortion pedals , the circuit it self is a popular DIY booster and  building block in larger circuits such as amplifier emulations in pedal format. Visit the page you will find lots of options.

I wanted american vintage sound with heavy mids and sweet highs of a Tweed era amp that could be styled easily due sensitive touch response with my P90 pickup. There are a few pedals in the market that could be purchased but the price was so high that motivation to close the wallet is instinctive.


TAVTIB specifications:

Technology: Vacuum Tube Emulation at low voltages with N-channel JFETs

Controls: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble,Volume and Input selector

Input: 1

Output: 1

Special Features: True-bypass

Power supply: 9V DC with 100 mA (minimum)

Size (Height x Width x Depth ): 55mm x 83mm x 110mm

Weight: 150g

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