Mankind as an animal,  as a specie, as a whole, is considered ( by ourselves) a rational kind of animal able to feel emotions, object presence, rational and logical thinking and artistic abilities. By nature we are social, since we are able to live as a group, often and most of the time in peace with each other and with our co-beings during the journey of  life. The complexity of societies and its structures deem us as merciful masters of the planet , ironically developing us as our biggest ambiguous ambitious friends.  To a certain extent it is somehow a selfish act to care about nature since if we destroy it, we will not be able to survive but I am sure that the planet will recover from our presence.

Since we stood up and started walking to the present, painting who we are, now on the new cave walls of silicon circuitry that can be found almost everywhere, our  sense of discovery and amazement has ceased to prevail in our routines of happiness, inventing new wheels and wings without distillation of blood and guilt from pre-historic fluids surround by mystical half moons dressed as polar bears, answering fearfully  the famous   cultural questions of who what and where from we are through great dogmatic institutions, aware in an understandable fashion of  selfish common good.

Fair to say that animals are not part of specialization occupation structures, or,devotion to ideas or objects. Animals do not eat at certain grassland because of metaphysical values, they simply understand that they are hungry and that they are happier with food, and the safety of each other without feeling judged, unless its mating season and at that time even we see judging and careful observation and listening at play. We often say that observing nature suddenly gives us the answers to our problems and that is because we are looking into our happy and simple reptilian memories saved through our chemical codes who decipher who we were and are.


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